Digital marketing has been around for an age. Yet, even in today’s almost integrated digital world, businesses of all types still don’t fully understand what the impact of this really is.

We help companies turnaround their non-performing online or digital marketing activities and move to a more profitable space. Our specialty lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it tick. This plus our focused understanding of your ideal customer enables us to tailor the right plan for your company.

Paul Sullivan Marketing is a digital marketing agency focusing on inbound marketing, using data-driven marketing and sales activities. We work with a number of different business types, Professional Services, Property & Real Estate, Fintech, Finance, and Education.

PS Marketing work with our clients to implement a marketing automation strategy which will increase traffic and qualified lead generation using the inbound marketing methodology.

Small Biz15+ points, from £1250 Monthly

Digital Marketing Strategy

Monthly Performance Reporting

Lead Optimisation

Start Up30+ points, from £2500 Monthly

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Monthly Performance Reporting

Continual Optimisation

Growth50+ points, from £4500 monthly

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Monthly Performance Reporting

Continual Optimisation

Scale80 + points, from £6500 monthly

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Monthly Performance Reporting

Continual Optimisation

Choose the marketing package for your business and grow!

Paul Sullivan Marketing charge for our work on a points-based (see below) system. We no longer charge by the hour or by the day. This ensures that clients pay for results and tangible deliverables not for effort or time. This is part of the way Paul Sullivan Marketing are delivering better marketing services to clients.

  • But how does ‘points pricing’ work?
  • Where does the points system come from and how have we gone about implementing it?

A client can buy a certain number of points each month (on a retained basis) or as a one-off purchase (for project-based campaigns).

As a very rough guide, one point corresponds to about hour’s routine work. 30/40 points a month is recommended minimum for a monthly (retained) marketing campaign. This would suit a company just getting started on Inbound Marketing and most of our clients buy 50+.

How does points pricing work?

We have a table that lists our deliverables for each stage of the inbound process, such as the attract convert close and delight stages. Covering tasks like writing a short blog post, creating an infographic and so on. Each task has a ‘price’ in points enabling the campaigns to focus on what is needed on a month to month basis rather than working on a fixed list of monthly tasks.

This offers clients the best opportunity to increase traffic and conversions and add extra points as and when needed.

Prices may vary based on the number of points a client buys and the length and scope of the engagement.


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I would like to discuss:

What exactly is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a practice of using a comprehensive, content, social media, email and website optimisation strategy to generate traffic to your websites blog and landing pages, increasing the potential to increase revenues.

We use this strategy to increase leads driven into the sales funnel by implementing lead scoring, developing buyer personas and often interviewing current clients to establish data patterns.

Paul Sullivan Marketing works with your business to research and implement a content marketing strategy that would work best with your buyer personas.

And who do you work with?

At Paul Sullivan Marketing we actively seek businesses that want a partner, rather than a transactional agency to work with to deliver digital marketing activity.

Our most successful relationships have always happened when both client and agency buy into shared goals. Our belief is that a company should want to work with an agency aligned with the business and it’s internal teams to achieve the greatest success.

We can provide support or lead a change to inbound marketing and marketing automation.

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